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Going Green

Robert Gatto Associates has started an enterprise initiative to “Go Green”, How we impact the environment is very important to us, and environmental considerations are an integral part of RGA’s business practices. We have made great strides in ensuring that energy efficiency, and recycling are top level priorities at RGA. Although many aspects of the process involve significant challenges, our efforts in these areas have resulted in some impressive results. Many other steps have been taken to ensure that our offices comply with the new company standard to “Go Green”.

Some of these initiatives include:

   • Recycling bins in all offices for: Bottles/Plastics/Paper
   • Using less paper
   • Paperless Systems - Electronic Document/Content Management System, CRM, and QMS Systems
   • Double-sided printing where possible
   • Using scrap paper for note taking & printing
   • Buying recycled paper
   • Using less electricity
   • Turning off office lights and air-conditioning at the end of the day
   • Turning off printers, photo-copiers and computers at night
   • Buying energy efficient lighting and electrical products
   • Using less disposables: RGA mugs, dishes, glasses, and cutlery have been provided in all offices and people are encouraged to use them instead of disposables

RGA is trying to do its’ part in securing the environment and making a difference.


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